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What is the wildest post you would make to a social networking site?

“NekNomination” has become a rapidly spreading online craze within only a couple months, and it may clearly reflect HSS personalities among its participants. The game goes by a variety of names, but the rules are roughly consistent: chug a drink, post the video online, and nominate a friend to follow suit. Doesn’t sound much like HSS? Perhaps that’s where the adaptations come in. 

While the original instructions were simply to “neck” and nominate, an additional concept was quickly mixed in: praise be to the most outrageous. For many participants, NekNomination has transformed into less of a typical drinking trend and more of an outlet for the most outlandish (if not entirely reckless) stunts. 

One emphasis has been on the drink. Many individuals have ditched the beer for more surprising concoctions, draining mixtures of hard liquor, energy drinks, Tabasco sauce, spit, urine, raw eggs, vomit, medicine, household cleaners, and worse. 

The flagrant ‘creativity’ doesn’t stop here, for the accompanying performances just might be equally shocking, if not more. Following their drinks of choice, many participants showcase some sort of hazardous or vulgar stunt: stripping down in public, backflipping off a bridge, flying a dirt bike off a ramp, skateboarding down a hill of oncoming traffic, swallowing a pet fish, getting beaten up, lighting oneself on fire, and so on. Despite being introduced only two months ago, NekNominations have already led to the deaths of five participants.

All four major components of HSS personality may be reflected in NekNomination support. 

1. Thrill and Adventure Seeking (dare devilish pursuits)

2. Experience Seeking (spontaneity)

3. Disinhibition (social drinking)

4. Boredom Susceptibility (aversion to dullness or lack of creativity)

While some critics gape at this behavior in shock and disgust, its popularity admits that a significant number of individuals have enthusiastically embraced the bizarre game as an amusing and satisfying opportunity rather than danger.

Take a look for yourself and google NEKNOMINATION